If you ever looked at a successful artist’s work and said to yourself, “Gosh, I wish I had gotten that piece when I first saw it and it was cheap!” Well, now you have another chance to dive in and enjoy the work of a brand-new artist whose work is brightly colorful, fun, exciting, and imaginative!

Marley is one of those emerging artists. Talented but young this artist is at the very first level of future brilliance, and inexpensive enough to let you sleep at night.

These giclee prints are currently available only at Charles Bruce Fine Art Gallery. Each is in a limited edition of 10 pieces of each size, hand signed and numbered by the artist. Sizes/costs are

Quality printing on Archival matte paper 8"x12" and will not fade for 200 years. Only $95 each including USA shipping.

Other sizes are available, just contact the gallery for pricing.

Email crb223@gmail.com or call 310.526.7335 to order your hand signed original print.

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Three Headed Monster

Stacked dogs

Bottle Head

A Human

Angery Man



Birds on Wires

Dancing Doodles

Snakes in the Moonlight

Happy Bear

Dogs in Stacks

Friendly Lion

Sleeping Lion

Funny Bunnie Family