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show reception

Photograph from the reception at the Artful Lawyer Gallery in Blacksburg VA on May 10th. Charles Bruce talking to a patron in front of his painting Butterfly's Delight created in 2016. Wire sculpture created by Isaac Preston.

group shot

Group shot of some of the artists participating in the show. I am the one in the kilt.


QA Lace room

Am I a Butterfly

Am I a Butterfly - 24x18 - $2,400


Butterflys Delight

Butterfly's Delight - 40x30 - $1,900


room salamander

One Eyed King

The One Eyed King - 38x30 - $2,400


room scene

Live for the Day

Live for the Day - 32x25 - $1,800


Blind Ambition

Blind Ambition - 35x24 - $1,400



Bandits in the Garden

Bandits in the Garden - 18x24 - $880


room tree

Catalpa Tree Fresh from the Winter

Catalpa Tree Fresh from the Winter - 33x48 - $2,400


Painting nature is tantamount to a meditation on the connection of heaven and earth. No matter if it is Mother Nature or created by human manipulation it is the same save the eye of the beholder. So, we paint on as a pure celebration of life itself.



Born in Bluefield, Charles Bruce grew up in Princeton, West Virginia, and now lives in Radford, Virginia. With his wife, also an artist and writer, he had an advertising agency in Virginia Beach from 1977 until 2002, when together they wrote, published, and marketed a three-volume series of novels entitled Rebel King, about the reign of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, and the Scots’ Wars of Independence against the English kings, Edward I and Edward II.

Over his commercial art career, his works won well over a hundred awards, many for design, and he has shown and sold his fine art paintings in such venues as Lincoln Center and Soho, NYC, and galleries in Virginia Beach, Roanoke, and Blacksburg, VA, Charleston, SC, Chicago, IL, and many lesser venues.