Charles Randolph Bruce – Bio

Charles Randolph Bruce must have known from birth that he wanted to be an artist, but he claims he was five years old when he first realized it. Raised in Princeton, WV, he used what media he had at hand and in that day and place there wasn’t a lot. But he persevered, and by the time he graduated from Jefferson High School in Roanoke, VA, he had been awarded and encouraged with an art scholarship from Hallmark Cards.

After graduation Charles moved to Chicago where he went to work at Kling Studios, one of the largest commercial art studios in the country at the time. Then his pre-graduation enlistment in the U.S. Navy called him to two years of active duty. While serving on board the U.S.S. Everglades in the Mediterranean, he toured some of Europe’s most important art centers to study the techniques of the masters and, while homeported at Norfolk, entered some of his paintings in the first Boardwalk Art Show at Virginia Beach. Honorably discharged, he returned to Chicago and acquired a position at Malcolm Howard Advertising Agency while studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago but decided to return to the warmer climes of Virginia.

As the saying goes, he “bounced around” from one agency or studio to another for about a decade, then “went off on his own” for a while. From 1977 to 2002 he was president of and operated an advertising agency in Virginia Beach, VA. In the early 2000s he opened the Bruce and Bruce, Inc. a publishing company that among other books published a series of novels he wrote with his wife based on the reign of Robert I (The Bruce), King of Scots (1306-1329), and started painting in gouache, a new medium for him. Among other works he painted in the water-based medium was his Chesapeake Series, with salt sailor passion for detail. Most recently he returned to the Blue Ridge where he now paints in brilliant oil colors the excitement of the Appalachian Mountain storms and quiet streams and valleys.

During his commercial art career, Bruce’s works won well over a hundred awards, many for design, and he has shown and sold his fine art paintings in such venues as Lincoln Center and Soho, NYC, and galleries in Virginia Beach, Roanoke, and Blacksburg, VA, Charleston, SC, Chicago, IL, and many lesser venues.


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Bent Tree

Little River near Floyd

Little River Bend