Southern West Virginia native Charles Randolph Bruce was born and raised there in the highlands in which his Scottish ancestors settled in the late 1700s. His interest in telling the heroic story of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots 1306 -1329, was sparked by his family’s tradition that they descended from the great medieval warrior king.

Carolyn Hale Bruce was born in the Roanoke Valley, Virginia, where her 18th century ancestors include those with the Scottish surnames Agnew, Fraser, Thompson, and Davidson, among others. She wrote and had published two pictorial histories of her hometown.

The writers were panelists on the nationally distributed Book TV (C-span 2) hour and a half segment entitled “Successful Self-Publishing” at the Virginia Festival of the Book on March 29, 2008.

Now, having spent the last decade in researching, writing, illustrating, and promoting the Rebel King series of novels, Charles and Carolyn have traveled tens of thousands of miles to attend scores of games in dozens of states from Florida to Maine, Texas to Colorado, to promote their works and talk with other Scots about their hard-fought history. They have appeared on local television and radio shows in diverse markets, and have been written up in many newspapers and magazines. Every year new venues are added to their nearly nationwide wanderings.