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Butterfly Breaker

Chesapeake Breaker

These are the paintings I like to think of as "Windows on Nature". They are mountains and farms and birds and butterflies. Nature with the human hand at work to create idyllic scenes we would most likely want to live within and around.


Chesapeake Breaker

Chesapeake Breaker

The "Chesapeake Series"of paintings are mostly landscapes of Chesapeake Bay and its near environs, and done in water based gouache. They bring the remembrance of the smell of saltwater, and a sense of understanding through observation of those who make their living directly from the water.



Guide 254TTA Breaker

My "Times and Times Again Series" of drawings and paintings were created at the end of the modern period, as it is sometimes termed, characterized by Picasso, et al. I love the loose style and strong instinctive emotions displayed in the thin paint with spontaneous drips and the instinctively charged "slings of paint". Most of all I like the overtones of metaphysical and psychological philosophy. I do have many more of these to post.



"Painting nature is tantamount to a meditation on the connection of heaven and earth. No matter if it is Mother Nature or created by human manipulation it is the same save the eye of the beholder. So, we paint on as a pure celebration of life itself."



Born in Bluefield, Charles Randolph Bruce grew up in Princeton, West Virginia, and now lives in Radford, Virginia. With his wife, also an artist and writer, They had an advertising agency in Virginia Beach from 1977 until 2002, when together they wrote, published, and marketed a three-volume series of novels entitled Rebel King, about the reign of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, and the Scots’ Wars of Independence against the English kings, Edward I and Edward II.

Over his commercial art career, his works won well over a hundred awards, many for design, and he has shown and sold his fine art paintings in such venues as Lincoln Center and Soho, NYC, and galleries in Virginia Beach, Roanoke, and Blacksburg, VA, Charleston, SC, Chicago, IL, and many other venues.

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Charles Randolph Bruce