I have been a painter artist all my life. I have also been an artist to sell all kinds of products. A designer. An illustrator and that ilk. I have rarely made money other than by being an artist or by writing.
I thought I was attracted to the Fauvist school of painting in a new way. I have also thought I was an impressionist. On further examining the path of self-labeling I found that almost any sort of landscape or figure, with a painterly look, falls into these categories. Consequently, I am simply me without a school. I am a man without a label to live up to. I don’t seem to have any rules of painting. It is an epiphany that constrains and frees me all at the same moment, ergo, I think of myself mostly as a New (or Neo) Fauvest.
Since I have moved from Virginia Beach to a little town in the mountains of western Virginia I have primarily concentrated on God’s green earth. Painting nature is tantamount to a meditation on the connection of heaven and earth. No matter if it is Mother Nature or created by human manipulation it is the same, save the eye of the beholder.
So, we paint on as a pure celebration of life itself. It heals us and gives us a clear vision to see the important things in life. It takes our written philosophy and shows us the everyday application of the nebulous words. It is the mind displaying itself to whomever looks, and in the end, it is the mind that remains the constant.

Know Yourself.

Be yourself.

Live with art that excites you.

Bruce’s works have won well over a hundred regional, national and international awards and he has shown and sold his fine art paintings in such venues as Lincoln Center NYC  and galleries in Soho, NYC, Chicago, Charleston, SC, Roanoke, Blacksburg, and Virginia Beach, (including the Boardwalk Art Show in Virginia Beach) VA, and many lesser venues.



Small Farm in the Mountains 24x36


Road Home

Road Home 30x24

Wee Brook 24x36

High Life 24x36

Girl Picking Flowers 24x36


Just Down the Road 24x36


Mountain Farm 24x36

Red Trees 18x24

Home in the Valley 24x30


The Village (Triptych) Each Panel is 24x36 OR 72x36

red evening
two farms

Red Skies at Night 16x20

Red Hill (#2) 24x30

Mountain Farms 18x24


Red Leaves 30x24


Cat in the Park 16x20

Little Church in the Wildwood 16x20

Yellow Clouds 16x20

Hay Field 18x24



High Country Tree 30x40

Rural Living 24x30

Two Horses 24x30


Trip to the Mountains 30x24


Autumn Reds Etc. 24x30

Wind Blowing in the Trees 24x30

Blue Tree 24x30

Storm over Farm

Storm over the Farm 18x24


Grandmother's Farm 24x30

Free Ground 24x30

Sherbet Tree 30x40



Purple Farm 16x20

Making Hay while the Sun Shines

Making Hay while the Sun Shines 16x20

red hill

Red Hill 16x20

Patchwork Garden 30x40

Croft on the Hill 24x36

Cloyd's Mountain under a Yellow Sky 24x30

Yellow Tree 24x30

Late Day Light 24x30

Locust Trees

Locust Tree 24x30




Hay Rolls 24x30



You can contact artist: OR 310-526-7335

All images are copyrighted 2019 by Charles Randolph Bruce

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