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Trevor Peglan

Art of the Mind

Above is a statement by Trevor Paglen concerning the future of art that I have been thinking about for some time. I once thought Picasso was the great liberator of visual art, and he was for his own time, but his concepts become an historical concept of its own. No more schools of work but the freedom for artists to move about as they wish and not be shunted into a narrow closet of same, same, unless that is what they want to do.
I am a painter, designer, and writer and I have no problem about moving seamlessly and/ independently through any of these or all of these elements.
I have in the last three years moved to the mountains of Virginia that I left some sixty years ago and I am considering it as somewhat a homecoming even though the mountains were unmoved by my move. All my family have lived within a hundred miles of where I am now for the last three hundred more or less years.
Times have changed drastically. I remember the big war. Life once seemed simple but only in comparison to life now. Who knew then what would be important in the future that is now? What makes it exciting is we didn’t know… and yet we did. We just didn’t pay attention… except sometimes.
I would like to think I could mind travel across the history of art and choose where to land and if I used all the visual artists of history I could skip over all their heads and land on what fascinated me at the time. Well, so what? Well, let’s think of a disciplined mind and how important that is to drill down to bedrock accomplishment. There you have it. The mindful balance. Your creative sweet spot. Your return home after traveling, learning and accomplishments of interactions abroad, so to speak. Now there is peace and harmony and top-drawer things to do for yourself and perhaps others who have not quite understood where their home is and where their mind is. Now through the communication of art things happen and connections are made. Now.
Charles Bruce. Creator of this gallery and principal artist.



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